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Who says that martial arts are just about kicking, punching and self defense? Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense’s Lil Dragons (5-6 year olds), Kung Fu Kids (7-10 year olds) and Middle School Kung Fu programs are on the cutting edge of child development and martial arts education utilizing one of the world’s most respected curriculums the I-Can Character Development program. The I-Can program is an organized method of teaching values and principles to kids of all ages designed by motivational speaker Bob Alexander of the highly acclaimed Zig Ziglar organization, designed to impart those important life lessons so often passed over in the school systems.

I Can is the Curriculum that is CHANGING the Very Foundation of Our Educational System. That's why thousands of educators, students and parents across America are excited about the I CAN program. Through I CAN, they're not only learning the ABC’s of education, but more importantly, the ABC's of life - Attitude, Behavior, and Character. These are the fundamentals that enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential and bring out the best in others. The I CAN program is based on the foundational principles of honesty, integrity, character, trust, loyalty and love - principles upon which successful lives are built. Once this solid foundation is established, individuals develop a positive attitude and self-image, as well as strong, healthy relationships with others. Even more important, they are empowered to achieve their life's goals and desires. Health, happiness, prosperity, peace and security are dreams transformed into everyday realities. Isn't that what we all want? Especially for today's youth?

The I CAN program is committed to developing the positive attitudes which will help our nation's young people be successful in their personal and academic endeavors now and professionally in the future. The I-Can curriculum focuses on covering 7 impactful topics and lessons with the power to change a child’s life.

1. Foundations

2. Attitude

3. Self Image

4. Relationships

5. Goals

6. Work

7. Patriotism

A study conducted with 1,002 8th grade students in Sidney, Ohio who completed an eighteen-week I CAN course consisting of 89 sessions indicated the following:

66.4% feel they are more kind and helpful to others

43.2% report arguing and fighting less

72.4% report an understanding that among drug users, smoking cigarettes is almost always a step leading to drug use

59.7% report making better choices/decisions

Anta’s Kung Fu I-Can program focuses on what our students become. Our end in mind involves proactive, focused kids with the confidence, courage and character to do the right things, for the right reasons and with the right principles as they go out to an increasingly challenging world. I-Can are two powerful words that inspire our confidence serve as a testament to our determination to succeed... And reflect a desire to be our very best! If you would like to give your child an edge in life call us today at 305 599-3649 for an appointment for a free introductory class.

Julio Anta with I-Can creator Bob Alexander 11-10-12
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