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Master Anta training with his student actor Gabriel Soto

You don't have to live on the peaks of the Himalayas to cultivate a powerful mind, body and spirit. Join one of Miami’s most authentic and traditional schools of Kung Fu and discover ...

How You Can Enjoy Real Health, Strength,
Satisfaction, Self Defense and Peace of Mind!

A Message From Head instructor Julio Anta:

If I could help you reduce your stress and worries, get extremely healthy, fit and fearless, cultivate a stronger and more positive spirit, even learn top-notch self-defense and martial arts skills — wouldn't you want to learn more about what Anta’s Kung Fu?
Imagine what your life will be like when you attain these benefits:

• Greater relaxation and peace of mind

• Improved mental clarity and focus
• Increased vitality and energy
• A more positive spirit and outlook on life
• Interaction with interesting, friendly and positive people
• Reality based street-defense and combat skills
• Reduction or elimination of negative thought patterns and habits
• Reduction or elimination of chronic ailments

I know you can achieve these tremendous benefits and more at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense because thousands of our students already have since 1998!
I don't blame you if you're initially skeptical about the notion of a martial arts school helping you achieve some of life's most meaningful gifts: Peace of mind, harmony, spiritual awakening, health and fitness, confidence, greater wisdom and compassion.

Maybe you took classes in Tae Kwon Do, Karate or even kung fu as a kid but all you remember is a lot of kicking, punching and sweating while screaming "Yes sir" and bowing a lot.
That was my case: I had studied martial arts for several years as a teenager at what I thought was a pretty good school, but it did little to impact my wisdom, compassion or spiritual growth, yet most of all the techniques were useless for the streets.
Then I had the chance to study authentic Shaolin, Hung Gar Kung Fu, with one of the most highly-esteemed Grand Master’s in New York, Grand Master William J. Chung and I discovered what true martial arts is all about. It totally changed my training, and my life.

The majority of martial arts, centers today have unfortunately lost the traditional teachings and self defense that go along with the kicking, punching and body exercises. Without these teachings it's next to impossible to achieve the mental and spiritual growth that can help you achieve lasting peace and happiness in life.
Fortunately, a handful of martial arts schools do maintain the essential teachings that will help you cultivate your total mind, body and spirit. Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is among the very best of these schools.

Our classes in, Shaolin and Hung Gar Kung Fu offer a complete mind, body and spirit development program if your primary goals include stress reduction, relaxation, optimal health and well-being, improved fitness, longevity, weight control, greater self-awareness, refinement of martial arts skills, better balance and coordination and true peace of mind.

If you also want great street self-defense and combat skills, Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense is the real deal!

Some of our students only want good health and peace of mind, and that's fine. But others want genuine and effective combat proven and battle tested self-defense skills. Just as all martial arts schools are not equal when it comes to the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of martial arts, all schools are not equal when it comes to combat and reality based street self-defense readiness.
Fancy kicks, acrobatics, gymnastics and flowery movements are OK for movies, tournaments and demonstrations Yet, they have nothing to do with real self-defense skills. What matters are practical and direct strikes, joint submissions and throws executed with speed and power, and a complete understanding of the weak and vital points of an opponent.

Beyond even the physical techniques and movements, real street self-defense requires proper mental preparation and the development of a "survival" mindset.
Even though I had been a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, trained in martial arts for several years, I hadn't realized how mentally or physically unprepared I was to defend myself in a true life-or-death street situation, until, I started working as a Prison Guard at a maximum security prison in 1990.
Today, I continue to practice and refine the combat and self-defense skills that I learned from Grand Master Chung I teach them in their entirety to my students at Anta’s Kung Fu.

At Anta’s we make a clear distinction between sport competition and street self-defense. Competition has rules, the street has only one rule: Do whatever it takes to survive.
This class is for you if your goals include getting into the best physical shape of your life, learning top-notch self-defense and combat skills, learning strategies for self-protection, and developing the superior confidence, discipline, bravery and wisdom that Hung Gar Kung Fu is known for.

Read What Our Students Have to Say:

Roberto Escobar
Hung Gar Kung Fu Disciple
Award Winning Actor Praises Anta's Classes

I have previously tried several martial arts schools in different Karate or Kung Fu styles, but not until joining Anta's Fitness and Self Defense did I feel comfortable with the teaching style and the content of the classes. I have learned techniques that prepare you for real self defense situations. The teaching style is reality based and you learn the purpose of each move. All the forms that are taught are shown with the application on a self defense situation. Mr. Anta a who is a Hung Gar Kung Fu Master and has proficiency in various martial arts styles, teaches you valuable information that you save your life or the life of your loved ones. This school has a great environment with no artificial attitudes from either the students or the instructors, you will feel right at home here. I would recommend this school to anyone that is interested in getting in better shape and in getting prepared for those unexpected moments in life.

Escobar has worked in over 30 films, starred in numerous Telenovelas (Spanish Soap Opera) including "Amantes Del Desierto" and "Daniela" and on numerous TV shows


Student Testimonial

"I am grateful for having entered Anta's Fitness and Self Defense and extremely honored to have such a wonderful Master as a teacher. My teacher is a man with knowledge of the streets and it's dangers, he is humble, caring and dedicated to his students, he is a man with the spirit of a thousand men. When I see my teacher I see Hung Gar the art form and the new way of life that has helped find my spirit a home. I am now seeing a clearer path in my journey. Mr and Mrs Anta and all my new friends at Anta's Kung Fu have given me inner peace, confidence, strength, courage, thoughts, goals, inspirations and last but not least my spirit... It has found where it wants to belong. I am now one of those students whose picture is up on the wall and I have been truly blessed with that honor."

Jannette Mendez
Mother of Two
Hung Gar Disciple

The many dedicated students you train with at Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense’s Kung Fu class will play a huge role in helping you reach your goals.

When you're accepted as a student at Anta’s Kung Fu, you'll be training along side a highly-motivated and dedicated group of men and women who are extremely committed to improving their bodies, minds and spirits and learning to defend themselves through the practice of the arts we teach.
How do I know you'll be training only with other motivated and dedicated individuals? Very simple - we don't accept students who aren't dedicated and motivated.

As a full-time school with state-of-the-art facilities and a professional staff of highly-trained experts, we have high expenses and overhead. We could probably be more profitable if we accepted everybody off the street who expressed even a casual interest in our programs. But we don't.
Unlike many schools or gyms, we don't accept "drop-in" students for a class here and there: All of our students are looking for authentic long-term, continued training to achieve lasting success.

We foster an environment of cooperation and camaraderie amongst all of our students. You and the other dedicated students around you will have each other for motivation, assistance and great fellowship.
I sincerely hope you've enjoyed reading about Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense and learning about the many benefits of our Martial Arts Program. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Live Fit, Live Fearless,

Julio Anta
Master Instructor Julio Anta
Hung Gar Kung Fu Master
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

P.S. Don't forget to inquire about our family discounts for spouses and relatives, and we offer a great Children's Martial Arts Program.

P.P.S. I know there are many reasons to put off applying for our program, but please go ahead and apply now. You have so much to gain with greater confidence, strength, health and peace of mind that it would be a shame to waste another day! Call us today at 305-599-3649 More about our adult Kung Fu classes.

More about our Kung Fu Program

Our Kung Fu class is for teens and adults that are looking for the ultimate in reality base personal defense in a safe environment. This class is a combination of the beautiful yet effective fighting styles of Southern Shaolin and Hung Gar Kung Fu (Chinese Street Fighting), and Ving Tsun. The Southern Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner is a peaceful warrior, never an attacker, nor does he or she dispatch the most devastating defenses in any situation keeping the tradition of the Shaolin monk. Rather, the study of kung fu leads to better understanding of violence, and consequently how to avoid conflict. Hung Gar is one of the most popular and most effective styles of Kung Fu in China used effectively for over 300 years. China's most popular folk hero Wong Fei Hung was a Hung Gar Master. He is considered one of the greatest Kung Fu Masters of all time. His real life exploits have been popularized in movies, TV shows, etc., Jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China), Jackie Chan (Drunken Master) and Gordon Liu (who stared in the Kill Bill series) have portrayed Wong Fei Hung in the silver screen. 

Today Anta holds the rank of Hung Gar Kung Fu Master and was a disciple of the late Hung Gar Grand Master William J. Chung. He also has studied some Southern Praying Mantis, and Ving Tsun. Anta served his country as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He is also a retired Florida State Corrections Officer. He also holds instructor certification in Muay Thai Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga and Haganah.

Grand Master Chung, Master Anta,
Black Belt instructors Julio D. Anta
and Jon Paul Anta

We teach traditional Southern Shaolin and Hung Gar open hand and weapon forms. Our class consists of traditional stretching, calisthenics and Shaolin body conditioning with iron rings, sand bags, sand filled jars, 3 star block, iron horse stance training and other traditional kung fu methodologies. Our students are also trained in hard and soft Chi Gong (breathing exercises). Hung Gar sparring is a reality based street defense in a safe environment using protective equipment. Our system is equally effective standing or on the ground. It consists of low kicks, sweeps, and throws, trapping, grabbing, and striking vital points, using hands, fingers, elbows, knees, kicks and chokes. Our philosophy is if it works use it or as Bruce Lee said "Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and make it your own."

Our goal is to empower law bidding citizens to deal with all kinds of violent scenarios, first through awareness, verbal defense and as a last resort physical self defense. This program builds the fighting sprit and trains the students how to respond both mentally and physically in a time of need eliminating the danger of freezing or shutting down in a confrontation. Our techniques are simple, easy to perform and extremely effective. As a retired corrections officer, head instructor Julio Anta has positioned himself to learn the tactics and strategies and techniques that today’s violent criminals choose to attack their victims.

After Columbine, the cowardly attack on our country on 9/11 and with the increase of crime the martial arts program for the 21st century must focus on street safety and awareness as opposed to board breaking, high fancy kicking and tournaments. Tournaments are in a controlled environment, championships do not prepare you for a violent environment. The only trophy that matters in a violent encounter is your safety and life. The only way to attain this is through reality base self defense. We take your personal protection very serious making it as realistic as possible, all within a safe environment. Our goal is to be able to empower people to deal with all kinds of scenarios, first through awareness, verbal self defense and as a last resort through physical self defense. Our techniques are simple, easy to perform and extremely effective.

Call us today at 305 599-3649 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a free introductory class that could change your life

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Training with my Ving Tsun instructor Andrew Dasz
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